Philadelphia CollageWorks

Untitled collage by Wendy Raskus Greenberg
mixed materials; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


A longtime subscriber of Kolaj Magazine, Annie Stone started Philadelphia CollageWorks after having been inspired by an article about another collage group that met regularly in New Orleans. Taking that inspiration and running with it, Stone reached out to several art organizations in Philadelphia and invited collage artists to join her for the group’s first meeting in honor of World Collage Day 2019, which resulted in 23 founding members.


The purpose of Philadelphia CollageWorks is to promote collage as a unique art form through participation in the creation of, the study of, appreciation for, and support of, collage, assemblage and related mixed-media art. Membership provides resources for personal creative growth through monthly meetings, workshops, critiques, sharing of ideas and techniques, educational programs, instructional workshops, participation in art exhibits, conferences and retreats.

Untitled collage by Heather Sandler
mixed materials; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.


Many of the group’s members are also apart of InLiquid, a local non-profit art organization seeking to connect artists and create opportunities within the community, including Susan C. Breitsch, Linnie Greenberg, Sandra Benhaim, Constance Culpepper, Wendy Raskas Greenberg, Kristin Osgood Lamelas, Alan Lankin, Arlene Solomon, Florence Weisz, and Carol Taylor-Kearney.


To become involved, anyone that is relatively local to Philadelphia can join the group by contacting Stone.

Members post on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #philadelphiacollageworks.


Philadelphia CollageWorks meets regularly, online and in person, usually in groups of 12-15, where they work on collage, discuss techniques, and generally share ideas for how they can grow and move forward, both personally and as a group.

The group also works on projects with specific themes, such as their single color collages and postcard collages, that eventually take the form of group exhibitions.



Untitled collage by Sandra Benhaim
mixed materials; 2020. Courtesy of the artist.