Round Table Collaboration

Collaborative collage by Israel Forbes, with Jeremy O’neal, 48073, Tamara Staser, and Dexter Coleman, from Postal Collage Project No. 8
approx. 7.87″x7″; 2018-2019. Courtesy of the artists.

Round Table Collaboration

Global, based in Berkeley, California, USA


In Summer 2011, Berkeley artist Marty McCutcheon invited “everyone I knew at the time” to participate in a mail-art collaborative collage project. Fifty people from seven countries agreed to play. From September to February, 50 individual collaborative collages were created. In Spring and Summer 2012, there were three exhibitions titled Round Table Collaboration Postal Collage Project No. 1. Eight years and more than two dozen exhibitions later, 350-plus participants from 17 countries have created and shown well over 600 individual collaborative collages.


The mission of Round Table Collaboration is to inspire and embolden independent creativity; to encourage the practice of taking on, and letting go, individual responsibility; to enhance awareness of, and engagement with, diverse perspectives. RTC is dedicated to egalitarian inclusivity, and employs collage for its universal accessibility and material diversity.

Collaborative collage by Marty McCutcheon, with Jonathan Hunt, Lisa Awrey, Ramon’s Tailor, and Greg Johnson, from Postal Collage Project No. 2
6.69″x9.84″; 2012-2013. Courtesy of the artists.


Every summer, on the last day of July, an invitation to participate in the Postal Collage Project is emailed to all previous participants, and to anyone who has requested an invitation. To request an invitation, contact the project coordinator.

Participation in Check It Out is open to all, but requires visiting a host agency, such as a library or community center. For information about locations, or about how to host Check It Out in your area, contact the project coordinator.


Postal Collage Project
The Postal Collage Project is an annual mail-art collaborative collage project. Collages are created between September and February, and are thrice exhibited during the following spring and summer. Additional exhibitions occur occasionally.

Check It Out
Check It Out is an ongoing “library style” community collaborative collage project, first operated out of the Berkeley Public Library in 2017. Participants “borrow” works-in-progress from a host agency for up to three weeks, contribute to the work, and return it to the host. Occasional work parties and exhibitions add a social element to this generally solitary project.

Online “Parlour Games”
Amid the global public health crisis and the associated “stay-at-home” orders, RTC is coordinating quarantine-friendly, online “parlour games”, including digital collage collaborations.



From the exhibition for Postal Collage Project No. 8, April 2019.