Adriana Bermudez

Bloq from the “Control” series
6.7″x4.7″; analog collage; 2019

Adriana Bermudez
Madrid, Spain


Since I started my artistic practice, the images were the result of an experience, that’s why many of my works are ephemeral and portray problems such as climate change, women’s empowerment and the use of new technologies. I work in collage because it allows me to combine images, objects and any element of my everyday life, resignifying the memories and I give a happy ending to everything that surrounds me.

About the “Control” Series
I am impressed by the number of messages, challenges and actions that are made daily in social media and that motivates me to create word games mixing challenges with objects of my everyday life. I like to make assemblages that combine technology with traditional elements of analog collage: wood, paper, book covers, etc. It is how I assemble my real life with the virtual to create a memory of fascinating connections.


My name is Adri. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and I am graphic designer and illustrator. I am currently living in Madrid.

The story of why I became an artist begins in Paris. In 2006, I lived and worked in a graphic design agency near the Garde du Nord. During my second Parisian summer, I noticed how everyone complained about the absence of the sun, heat, and the good times in June. This is why I started to think that it was all a conspiracy, and that someone had kidnapped the sun. Who could have done this? “Who were the beneficiaries of all these waves of rain?” I asked myself. The answer appeared to me: “Umbrella manufacturers had kidnapped the sun.” That is why I decided to look for the sun. I called myself the Daughter of the Sun and started to look for the culprits. Since that moment, every person, country, city, music, phrase that touched my soul or gave me a clue, they became an illustration of the project.

One of my dreams is to have an exhibition to show my work. I hope to carry on traveling to have more experiences to illustrate. My dream is to produce a book that summarizes all the projects based on the conspiracy theory, find the culprits, and release the sun.


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Out of Control from the “Control” series
6.7″x4.7″; analog collage; 2019

Ego from the “Control” series
6.7″x4.7″; analog collage; 2019

Push the Button from the “Control” series
6.7″x4.7″; analog collage; 2019

Love from the “Control” series
6.7″x4.7″; analog collage; 2019