Adriana Bermúdez

16.5×11.7″; digital collage; 2021

Adriana Bermúdez
Madrid, Spain


In my projects I like to create connections between found objects and my experiences. I work with collage because it allows me to combine images, objects and any element of my daily life, I re-signify memories and give a happy ending to everything that surrounds me.

Each series and project of my work has a common bond: The girl with the red umbrella represents my adventurous spirit, it’s like a game that I invite you to discover. This character “the daughter of the sun”, is born from a theory and becomes the trademark of my works where everything is a plot.


I am a visual artist who cuts and pastes her days to survive, I like to transform reality by turning everyday scenes into surrealistic ones.

I was born in Colombia and I have been living in Spain for 6 years and I have been making collage since 2006.

In 2023, Monsa published my book, The ABC of Collage, in which I bring together the three great pillars of becoming a collage artist. The A of Collage is a brief introduction with a review of collage’s precursors and different styles; The B of Collage is an explanation of the necessary tools to create this wonderful art; and The C of Collage is where the reader will put in practice what they have learned with some suggested exercises. Use the cut-out material from the last few pages and start today. Long live collage! Learn more HERE.


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16.5×11.7″; digital collage; 2021
16.5×11.7″; digital collage; 2021
No lo pienses tanto
16.5×11.7″; digital collage; 2020
16.5×11.7″; digital collage; 2020