Alexa Wright

Garden of Earthly Desires 1
17″x24″; re-photographed magazine collage; 2019

Alexa Wright
London, England, United Kingdom


Underpinning all my work is an interest in people and what we think it is that makes us human. Using a range of media including collage, photography, video, sound, interactive installation, performance and
book works, I often work with the personal stories of individuals whose life experiences place them at the margins of society. Frequently situated at the intersection of art and medical science, my projects explore human inter-subjectivity through qualities like vulnerability and empathy. A lot of my work is developed in collaboration with people with physical disabilities or mental health issues, and/or with medical scientists and other creative practitioners. Since I first facilitated collage making workshops for people with mental health issues in 2015, collage has been central to my practice. I use the collage process in socially engaged projects, in my own digitally manipulated photos, and more recently in moving image works. I am interested in broken narrative, (accidental) meaning, and how we make sense of (dis)continuity, and I love the way that collage can bring disparate elements together, creating poetic or unexpected meanings as they collide.


Alexa Wright is London based artist working across a range of media including photography, collage, video and interactive installation. Alexa’s work has been widely shown internationally in festivals such as: FILE, SESI Art Gallery, Sao Paolo, Brazil; DaDaFest International, Liverpool, UK, International Women Artists’ Biennale, Incheon, Korea and Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens. Examples of solo exhibitions include: Toronto Photographers Workshop, Canada; Experimental Arts Foundation, Adelaide, Australia and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh. Alexa has works in a number of public collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; The Wellcome Trust and various Universities.


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23″x33.5″; re-photographed magazine collage; 2019
Tales from Life 2
23″x16.5″; re-photographed magazine collage; 2016
Tales from Life 11
23″x16.5″; re-photographed magazine collage; 2016
“Piecing It Together” collages (socially engaged project)
dimensions variable; re-photographed magazine collage; 2015