Alex Kuhse

Split Personality
17″x11″; ripped Xerox copies from old magazines; 2009

Alex Kuhse
San Diego, California, USA


Leaning heavily into vintage magazines and advertising, and otherwise mundane imagery, Alex’s approach is to reimagine and rework the presentation of the nuclear family era with a certain level of uneasy projections and lurid landscapes through mixed media collage approaches, constantly bouncing back and forth between analog and digital.


Graduating with honors and distinction in design from San Diego State, Alex has worked with world renowned artists such as David LaChapelle and Graham Moore. Finding his niche in being commissioned mainly to create collage art to live within the realm of album artwork and shirt designs, his foreboding style leaves viewers with a feeling of both eerie unease and uncertainty.


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Childhood Crush
5″x7″; cut out magazine pieces, typewriter letters; 2019
16.7″x9.7″; digital collage from scanned magazine pieces; 2015
The Gift
7″x5″; scanned watercolor drippings, vintage postcard, magazine scan; 2017
World War?
20″x17″; scanned magazine clippings; 2019