Alma Macbride

Music Box
8″x12″; paper and glue; 2020

Alma Macbride
New York, New York, USA


I create analog collages using found materials. While I produce works of many different scales, I am particularly interested in postcard-sized pieces. Using antique postcards from my own family’s archives, I enjoy giving old correspondence new life through the never-ending surprise of juxtaposing images. By virtue of the fact that my grandfather had a large collection of texts on Old Hollywood, etc., my collages also often recontextualize pop culture and deconstruct the ways in which celebrity and iconography are presented.


Alma Macbride has a lifelong passion for seeing and creating images—still and moving. They studied Visual and Environmental Studies (Film Production) at Harvard University, where they learned and collaborated with some of their filmmaking heroes, including Robb Moss, Guy Maddin, and Steve Ascher. Following university, they contributed research and graphics to Ascher’s 5th edition of The Filmmaker’s Handbook and helped produce museum media around the country with Northern Light Productions. Taking inspiration from Maddin’s collage work (and, in turn, Maddin’s collaborator John Ashbery), Macbride began collaging with their grandfather’s book collection. They are currently New York-based and produce collage works on commission.


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3.5″x5.5″; paper and glue; 2020
Union Station, Washington, D.C.
3.5″x5.5″; paper and glue; 2020
Flowers for Moira
9.25″x7″; paper and glue; 2020