Aishlin Harrison

Santa’s Secret
12″x12″; mixed media on wood; 2016

Aishlin Harrison
San Francisco, California, USA


In my work, I use found images and repurpose them to give them new meaning. My primary medium is cut paper/mixed media collage and assemblage but from time to time do pieces with Photoshop. I strive to shine a light on things often overlooked while simultaneously disparaging topics that many take very seriously. My work challenges gender norms and carries themes of body positivity and pro-sexuality. Although many pieces have a deeper meaning than what is on the surface, some of it is just weird.


Aishlin Harrison is a mixed media artist and musician based in San Francisco. She is inspired by found images, and oddities things that make her laugh.


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Bone Bouquet
8″x8″; mixed media on wood; 2018
Rabbit, Rabbit
5″X7″; mixed media on paper; 2020