Ana Himes+

Back to School
297 cm x 210 cm; handmade collage; 2011

Ana Himes
Madrid, Spain


Ana Himes’ collages have a delicate, playful, and object oriented feel, certainly influenced by her background in advertising and illustration. She uses a combination of urban, animal, and nature-based imagery to emphasize human interaction and everyday life with a subtle, but fantastical, artistic sense. Her style has a colourful, retro air, which seems to reference a fusion of Pop and Surrealist tendencies. Little by little, she says, she turned her art into her own space for self-expression. She describes it as an extension of her eyes, fingers, and mind.


Himes was born in Burgos, Spain, and attended a religious school there for fourteen years. Feeling a strong need to explore further than the boundaries of her home city, she moved away to study advertising and public relations at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in Segovia. After finishing her degree, she moved to Madrid, describing it as a jungle of work. Her time there lead to an interest in painting and photography, and her practice has steadily grown since. She has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions, and has worked for a number of clients in the illustrative field. Himes is based in Madrid and has exhibited in venues in London, Berlin, and New York, as well as a variety of other cities. Currently, she is trying to combine her photographic and illustrative endeavors, and works as an editor and curator for several publications.


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Tribute to Nicola Tesla
297 mm x 210 mm; handmade collage; 2011

Road Safety
297 mm x 210 mm; handmade collage; 2011