Michael Waraksa+

12.25″x10.25; digital collage; 2011

Michael Waraksa
Chicago, Illinois, USA


I see collage as a form of recycling. I am attempting to build something new and unexpected by layering and juxtaposing a variety of disparate elements together. Scraps of text, photographic material from books and magazines, my own photography and drawings along with items fished out of the garbage or found blowing in the wind may all find their way into the mix. I like to allow my preconceived ideas to take impulsive detours as my final destination is purposely vague. Nature, history, technology, advertising and dreams are some reoccurring themes and influences, but much of the direction is driven by my subconscious and simple reaction. I aim to keep much of any meaning open ended and let the viewer fill in the blanks.


Michael Waraksa is a Chicago based artist/illustrator and a graduate of The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. He has exhibited his work at various galleries across the United States and his illustrations have appeared in numerous publications including Time, The Progressive and The Los Angeles Times. His work has also been featured in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual and The Society of Illustrators annual competition.


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Sifted in the Annexed Scheme
11″x7″; digital collage; 2011

The Tree
10.25″x7.25″; digital collage; 2009