Ana Persona

Continent-contained love
16.5″x11.6″; collage on paper; 2017

Ana Persona
São Paulo, Brazil


My collage work encloses human bodies, mainly, female figures. It’s more of a process in which the figures find me, choose me. I understand collage as a way to tell things I feel and in this perspective they work as words or stories. Or metaphors. Collage is like poetry for me, and in this sense I agree with the surrealists’ understanding of collage.


Ana Persona is a Brazilian poet and collagist. Her practice ranges from creating minimal poems, some of them typewritten to analogue collage. She also runs workshops at galleries and schools and collaborates with media vehicles as an illustrator. In her blog, A. Persona exercises her writing going from activism to literature, from photography to illustration. And her creation with scissors, glue and bits of dreams.


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I see through you
11.6″x8.2″; collage on paper; 2020
A day in the porch
11.6″x16.5″; collage on paper; 2018
Shattered in the loo
16.5″x11.6″; collage on paper; 2020
She woke up like this
16.5″x11.6″; collage on paper; 2018