Emily Hoerdemann

Large C.O.C.K. 122720-01 (Poppy) (Maraschino Cherries)
14″x11″; 1948 cookbook recipe, 1976 Barbie coloring book, 1969 Playboy, and magazine on paper; 2020

Emily Hoerdemann
Berkeley, California, USA


I still remember the taste of the bar of Dial soap between my teeth as my Mom counted to ten. Tears streaming down my face as she told me “ladies don’t talk like that.”

My work seeks to interrogate and overturn received notions of femininity. It seeks to puncture narratives of cultural toxicity and detonate conventions of the cult of domesticity and prescribed gender roles. Employing a visual vocabulary that is boldly colorful and deliberately ironic, I endeavor to create works that challenge feminist themes with humor and grace. My practice utilizes analog collage with tangible materials to capture the sensory experience of time, nostalgia, and memory. By recontextualizing artifacts associated with earlier generations of female practice and portrayal, such as sewing notions, cookbooks, the practice of scrapbooking or vintage pornography, I reclaim them for the purpose of empowerment. My hope is that my work confronts gender norms in a very personal way, shattering the experiences and expectations of being feminine in this culture.

That bar of soap did not silence me that day. In fact, it stands out in my mind as my earliest form of rebellion. It unleashed a woman to create her own language; one dainty as rose petals, violent as fireworks, cutting as a razor’s edge.


Emily Hoerdemann (b. 1985) is a California-based artist who explores language and color through collage, illustration, and photography. She received her BFA in painting and photography from Bradley University (Peoria, Illinois), and a Masters in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art (New York, New York). Her work is a play-on-words meets color study with a hint of the personal that skews toward nostalgia, drawing on her obsession with organization. As a result, each work is a delicate placing of aesthetics and color. Emily’s works are in numerous private collections, and have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles.


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Large C.O.C.K. 122902.01 (Indigo) (Pineapple Delight)
14″x11″; 1956 cookbook, 1976 Barbie coloring book, 1970 Playboy, auction catalog, embroidery thread, matchbook, and magazine on watercolor paper; 2020
Small C.O.C.K. 010321-01 (Southern Seas)
7″x5″; 1969 Playboy, advertisement, Illinois State Fair entry tag, and magazine on watercolor paper; 2021
X Large C.O.C.K. 122720-01 (Orchid) (Peanut Butter Quickies)
19″x14″; 1956 cookbook, 1976 Barbie coloring book, 1969 Playboy, and magazine on paper; 2020
COCK 111820-03 (Orchid), 2020
11″x8.5″; 1947 Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1976 Barbie coloring book, acrylic, auction catalog, ink, magazine, and sticker on paper; 2020