Julie Eisenberg Pitman

A Moment’s Grace
24″x32″; asian journals & flora magazines, hand cut, acrylic medium on arches rag paper; 2019

Julie Eisenberg Pitman
Brooklyn, New York, USA


Julie Eisenberg Pitman creates bold, immersive and semi-abstract collages. She is inspired by fantasy, allegory, positive and negative, and patterns that are a part of her everyday. Most comfortable with an exacto-knife, and very attentive to what surrounds her, what she is not focusing on seems to always become a part of her visual environment. Eisenberg Pitman describes her method as one of “re-conceptualization” of what appears familiar in day-to-day life. She favors the use of commonly found-though-unconventional artistic materials, like discarded periodicals, playbills, comics, catalogues, and empty space. Using this limited array, she explores the relationships and potential associations that arise from merging remains.


Eisenberg Pitman (b. 1970, Roslyn, NY) holds a BFA in Design from The University of Michigan (1993). She has studied at the Studio Arts College International (SACI) in Florence, Italy (1992). In 1998 she opened a design studio, Julie Pitman Design. In 2009 she began exhibiting and selling her collage work. As a collage illustrator, her work has been exhibited worldwide, including Site Gallery, New York City; Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy; Alexandria Museum of Art, Louisiana; Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Oregon; Sturt Haaga Gallery, California, and featured in CherryBombe & Musée Magazine. She now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Clients include: Angel Sparkles, Annie Fensterstock Jewelry, Bizloan, Bodyheart, Bubble.org, Buckhead Candy Company, DC Sound, De Gustibus at Macy’s, Disney, ESPN, Fine Art Construction, GO.com, The GRID Network, Independent Content, Insite Advertising, IPI Skyscraper Mortgage Co, iVillage, Landis Construction, Lifecodes Corporation, MClick, Milktwist Productions, Montessori School of Manhattan, New York Eye & Ear Hospital, New York Spine & Sport, North Shore-LIJ Health System, Qualifacts, Racoon Illustrations, Rock Maple Ventures, Spree Shopping Tours, NY Head & Neck Institute, Togglethis, Vascular Birthmark Institute, Village Wine Imports, and Westchester Spine & Sport.


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Cosmic Strung: Perturbation Theory
30”x24”x0.75”; fashion magazines, hand cut, acrylic medium on birch panel; 2012
Undecidable IV
24″x32″; fashion magazines, hand cut, acrylic medium on arches rag paper; 2018
Lascaux Cave Painting I
24″x32″; comics & architectural magazines, hand cut, acrylic medium on arches rag paper; 2019
34″x46″; fashion & architecture magazines, hand cut, acrylic medium on arches rag paper; 2017