Brittany M. Reid

Gynephilia I
14″x10″; hand-cut collage made from found media; 2020

Brittany M. Reid
Rochester, New York, USA


Reality is traumatic and my collages are created with another reality in mind, one that combines the most delightful memories of the past with the dreams that the future may hold. My obsession with outer space and attraction to nature collide with a nostalgic aesthetic achieved from my choice to use source material from the 80’s and 90’s. The entire process of collaging is therapeutic for me. Getting that perfect cut is an act of catharsis.

I let my childhood memories, experiences as a queer, Black woman, and life as a mother dictate much of my work. The themes I present ask the viewer to consider humans’ complicated relationship with nature, the macrocosm vs. the microcosm, and the power of the female experience.


Brittany M. Reid (aka Paper Heart Gallery) was born and raised in Rochester, NY where she studied Psychology and Fine Arts at St. John Fisher College and SUNY Brockport. Her earlier work in photography and painting focuses on finding comfort in nature and in close relationships with others. She was deeply influenced by frequent trips to art galleries with her mother as a child and by her interest in astronomy at a young age.

She currently resides in Rochester where she works primarily in analog collage and resin using found media. Although relatively new to collage, she has been more prolific in this medium than any other. She also leads the #BlackCollagesMatter movement within Instagram, an ongoing call to collage artists that asks them to create and submit pieces that center Black subjects to increase Black visibility in the collage community. Along with this project, she has collaborated with {th ink} publication and released a special edition #BlackCollagesMatter issue to showcase artists who have participated in the project, donating a portion of the proceeds to the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective.


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Between Angels and Insects
10″x10″; hand-cut collage made from found media encased in resin on wood panel; 2020
If I Could I Would Give You The World
12″x12″; hand-cut collage made from found media encased in resin on wood panel; 2020
The Bones of the Earth
10.5″x8.5″; hand-cut collage made from found media; 2020
This Is My Palace
9″x7.5″; hand-cut collage made from found media; 2020