Andrea Burgay

11.25″x10″x.5″; collage of magazine, book and found paper, UV glaze; 2018

Andrea Burgay
Brooklyn, New York, USA


Collage is a creative means to sort through chaos, extract value and arrange fragments into new forms. The collage process unifies a variety of materials from different contexts as a driving force.

I combine found and handmade materials with collage processes to create works on paper, sculptural objects and installations. Recent work seeks to negate a hierarchy of visual imagery by elevating and transforming discarded materials. Using found and vintage paper ephemera whose original relevance has been lost or abandoned, I integrate the past histories of these objects into the present. Their disintegration and decay speaks of the passage of time and the possibility of redemption for the obsolete.

I create the work through a process of connective actions–arranging and attaching materials–followed by a series of destructive actions–cutting, tearing or obscuring elements. Through this, attachment to an initial concept is relinquished, merging intention and intuition. The resulting works reveal cycles of growth, deterioration and rebirth, religious ideals of transcendence and a belief in the magic of the everyday.


Andrea Burgay is a visual artist from Syracuse, New York, currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Burgay’s work combines collage, sculpture and found materials to elevate the overlooked and the mundane via transformative physical processes. Through a process of adding and removing layers of handmade and collected materials her work presents a physical manifestation of the passage of time, destruction and decay.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally including; Unimedia Modern Contemporary Art (Genoa, Italy), Galerie Zurcher (Paris, France), BRIC Gallery, Flux Factory, Groundfloor Gallery, Outlet, Materials for the Arts, and STOREFRONT Bushwick (all in New York). She is a recipient of a number of awards and residencies including A.I.R., Brooklyn, The Wassaic Project Fellowship Award, Wassaic, New York and The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Nebraska City, Nebraska. She recently completed a residency at the Eileen S Kaminsky Family Foundation in Jersey City, New Jersey, and published Cut Me Up, a participatory collage magazine and curatorial project.


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Cover Over
11″x10″; collage of magazine, book and found paper, UV glaze; 2018

The Secret (in Memoriam)
9″x9″; mixed-media collage on hardboard panel, UV glaze; 2018

What’s Left
30″x44″; mixed-media collage, acrylic, UV glaze; 2017

All That’s Prophesied
30″x44″; mixed-media collage, acrylic, UV glaze; 2018