Caroline Alkire

Fruit Cluster 1
3371 pixels x 3368 pixels; paper, glue; 2018

Caroline Alkire
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Caroline Alkire is a collage artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She cuts up vintage magazines and books to create surreal, whimsical, and vibrant scenes. Caroline specializes in flowerwork, mixing colourful florals with eccentric and unusual backdrops. Her artwork encapsulates a playful and ethereal world of juxtaposition and opposites colliding. Her influences include Hieronymous Bosch, René Magritte, and Salvador Dali.


Caroline Alkire is an artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Caroline has been making collage art since she was 16 years old, after receiving a stack of old National Geographic magazines from a relative. Since her artistic endeavours began, she has been featured in several popular online art magazines such as Ignant and Juxtapoz. She has created album artwork for local Minnesota-based music artists, and international artists such as Lord Huron, and her work is displayed in establishments across the United States.


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Fish 1
4543 pixels x 5335 pixels; paper, glue; 2019

Snake 1
3830 pixels x 4747 pixels; paper, glue; 2018

Cloud Playground
6000 pixels x 5000 pixels; paper, glue; 2018

Architectural Pedestrians
4570 pixels x 5374 pixels; paper, glue, Photoshop; 2019