Andrea Lewicki

Banana Republic Overstock Sale on Mediocre Afternoons in a Washable Linen Blend
24″x18″; silk, paper, acrylic; 2023

Andrea Lewicki
Carnation, Washington, USA


I dig poetry of the surreal and prose-y variety, and my art tends toward that direction. It’s often collage, which just means that I cut things up and mix them together until I get the level of weird I’m looking for. There’s a story somewhere in the layers of each piece that leaves my studio. Joan Miró, Cy Twombly, and Hilma af Klint hang out in my brain along with a lifelong practice of handcrafts traditionally seen as women’s work: sewing, mending, knitting, and crocheting.

Writing and making visual art are symbiotic processes for me. I move fluidly between them, letting one influence the other. In either medium, I am motivated by finding surprise, divergence, and catharsis.

Peculiarities, or things I love, in no specific order: crossword competitions, jigsaw puzzles, beans, sadcore music, washed rind cheeses, forest bathing, and Pacific Northwest geology.


Andrea Lewicki writes and makes art near Seattle. She is attracted to abandoned things, starting with the tiny desert community of retirees from her Arizona childhood. Andrea has contributed art to literary magazines including Jelly Bucket, Mud Season Review, Cream City Review, and High Shelf Press. Her work appears in art publications such as Create! Magazine, Cut Me Up Magazine, Juniper Rag, and books released by Jen Tough Gallery. She is the founder of Special Agent Collage Collective, an international gathering in the scissors-and-glue-stick world. Though writing was her first creative love, long before she dared become an artist, she is a late-blooming writer. She has proudly lived almost half a century without
cooking a turkey or wearing a sports jersey.


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How to Gracefully Disappear in a Room
10″x8″; paper, pencil; 2023
Is This the Line for Being Outside Yourself on the Observation Deck? No?
10″x10″; paper, thread, foam core; 2023
I Might Have been Stoned When the Vortex Shimmered and the Myth of Dry Clean Only Unraveled
20″x16″; silk, paper, matchbook, acrylic; 2023
Gluten-Free Pink. Use by 1989 for Pinkest Results
6.25″x10.5″x1.875″; mixed media collage on cigar box with sand weight inside; 2023