Angela Holland

Who I Can’t See
10″x10″; paper, acrylic paint, ink and acrylic medium; 2016

Angela Holland
Santa Barbara, California, USA


Making art is a way for me to express my delight at the visual world and equally, my attempt to reconcile the apparent chaos of everyday life.

I am moved by the intricate patterns of nature and the man-made world–from cracks in the sidewalk or a spider’s fragile web illuminated in the morning dew, to the weird ropey formations of pahoehoe lava. And I am disturbed by the violence and inhumanity of life on our planet. These dichotomous feelings find their expression in the lines, shapes and textures of my abstract collages.

Utilizing paper from various sources–the yellowed pages of an old book or some bright photographic image–I decontextualize and build relationships among the pieces, often alongside my own marked papers, until a satisfying composition emerges.

I am essentially a curator of disparate elements and as such my task is more about seeing than doing. Through an intuitive process of construction and deconstruction I am seeking a vision of beauty and harmony where all experiences of reality may co-exist.


Angela Holland is a mixed media collage artist living in Santa Barbara, California. A former college English teacher and semi-retired psychotherapist, Angela has had a lifelong passion for abstract art, which has found expression in recent years with a vibrant studio practice informed by participation in workshops with inspiring artists throughout the United States.

The Daily Muse featured an exclusive interview with Angela in March 2015. Kolaj Magazine included her in their Collage Artist Trading Cards, Pack 5 and published a large mixed media piece, The Happy Child, in their Exhibition-in-Print, “The Child in Collage”, in Kolaj #14. Angela’s work has recently been shown at Nisa Touchon Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico and at Sullivan Goss, Santa Barbara, California.


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Red Balloons
8″x8″; paper, acrylic medium; 2015

All Hail!
12″x9″; paper, acrylic paint, acrylic medium; 2016

All Else Follows
16″x16″x2″; paper, acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite pencil, acrylic medium (on wood panel); 2016