Olivia Descampe

Tiny Dancers
9.8″x9″; decollage with tape on paper; 2017

Olivia Descampe
Berlin, Germany


The art form known as collage/decollage has been Olivia Descampe’s medium of choice when it comes to express her creativity as a reflection and love for spontaneity.

She never uses digital imagery, as she enjoys the restrictive element of working with found imagery on paper and not having endless digital possibilities.

She plays with the placement of the form, destruction of the image, interaction between texture and lines, colours, aging the image, the use of a different kind of tape gives a specific kind of texture and depth to the image. Décollage escapes from traditional mediums and absorbs others techniques. Past and present are reunited.

Descampe has deconstructed and reinterpreted the relationship between images and tape through her decollages. Each piece of paper has its own personality and reacts differently from the others, even if it’s from the same magazine.

“Collage is a medium that connects the past with the present or decollage connects the present with the past.”


In a time when digital technology makes it so much easier to fuse disparate forms together and make them one, there is a natural, tactile quality to physical collage that cannot be replicated on a screen. Olivia Descampe’s innate instinct for collecting visual forms has pushed her to focus ever more energy on her pieces. Having grown up in an artistic environment due to her mother being a fanatical art collector, Olivia pursued an education in interior architecture and product design, but it was only after moving to Berlin that she developed her passion for collage. Starting with a curious collection of postcards found in a shop near her home, what started as a means of relaxation became a serious artistic practice once she discovered her talent for bringing together independent imagery to create something new.

Olivia was born in Paris, grew up in Brussels and is now calling Berlin her home for the better part of 2 years.


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Passive Dreams
9.8″x9.4″; decollage with tape on paper; 2017

Lovely Lady
13″x10″; decollage with tape on paper; 2018

Guilty Party
9.8″x9.4″; decollage with tape on paper; 2017

Playground Love
13″x10″; decollage with tape on paper; 2018