Angela Tannehill

Moon Dive
24″x12″; cut paper on cradled panel board; 2017

Angela Tannehill
Sacramento, California, USA


“What does it mean?” I hear this a lot. The truth is, I often don’t know until months after a piece is finished. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the relevance of the symbolism to my life will hit me–the way suddenly a dream you had forever ago will make perfect sense.

Like many other artists, I don’t feel entirely responsible for the worlds depicted in my art. Like Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book, Big Magic, “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” These are what I’ve found so far. I’m grateful I could find some worth sharing, and just as grateful for those that weren’t.


I am a mixed-media artist and graphic designer. My work is hand-cut collage. I favour scissors over X-Actos. My images are created using archivally printed paper, some acrylic paint and specialty papers. My subject matter is primarily surreal and most often is nature, water, animal oriented.

In 2016, I was chosen to participate in the ArtStreet (Sacramento, California). This exhibit was a huge success. Thousands of people came to the month-long event which was covered by every major media outlet in the area. In addition, Juxtapoz Magazine ran an online article that featured two images of my piece, After Us–a 4 foot x 8 foot surrealistic collage depicting nature alongside decaying man-made items.

I currently maintain a studio located in the ARTHOUSE on R Gallery in Sacramento, California.


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Northern Lights
24″x24″; cut paper on cradled panel board; 2017

Jellyfish Waltz
30″x24″; cut paper on cradled panel board; 2018

48″x30″; cut paper on cradled panel board; 2018

24″x36″; cut paper on cradled panel board; 2018