Libby Saylor

Collage 10
15″x11″; mixed media on paper; 2013

Libby Saylor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


I am interested in the space that exists in between things and gravitate towards playing in the area where this crossover takes place–between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, between photography and painting, between light and dark, between magic and reality. This in-between space is like a portal to an open world where rules are no longer as defined or clear-cut. In my creative projects, I am constantly coming back to this in-between space and am driven by my urge to bring it to life, to examine it, to pin it down, to capture it, to explore it, to understand it.

My creative process most often involves healing. The in-between spaces are also dark, mysterious, unknown, and at times frightening. But facing my fears of the unknown always brings about a resolution within me. The darkness is never as terrifying as it seems, and once I am in this space of mystery, I can make it beautiful. I do not have to understand it, but can instead create order within seemingly separate, cryptic fields. I build bridges between outwardly unconnected entities, and create unity where loneliness and isolation once existed. Through this process, no matter my chosen subject matter or medium, I am healed and made whole.


I have been making art for my entire life and use art as a tool for healing and exploration. I graduated with an BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2002. Although my background is in photography, I also love the medium of paint, and through the years, have found that my preferred creative expression manifests in the form of combining both photography and paint, working in mixed media and collage formats. I have exhibited my work in numerous galleries and competitions across the country and have received multiple awards for outstanding achievement. I continue to live, work, and create in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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Collage 11
15″x11″; mixed media on paper; 2013

Collage 15
11″x15″; mixed media on paper; 2013

Collage 18
15″x11″; mixed media on paper; 2013

Collage 20
15″x11″; mixed media on paper; 2018