Annete Sagal

11.75″x8.25″; paper collage; 2022

Annete Sagal
Kyiv, Ukraine


We are living in the uncertain times, and I believe that ART is an occupation that will salvage the young generation. As an artist and individual, I strive for equality, stability and a sustainable life. Making art is, first, a conversation with myself. I listen, learn, negotiate with my inner child, and together we collaborate to produce a unique work of art: collage, photography or even a sensual mixing of two tracks. Our art is vulnerable, yet powerful. It is honest: See for yourself.

I consider myself an ambassador of Ukrainian culture, of collage art in particular.


Annete Sagal was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1997. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy from the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University (2018). She completed studies in Contemporary Art Curation (2022) and is currently studying to become a certified Art Therapist.

Sagal is a multidisciplinary artist, who works in the medium of collage and analog photography. She writes poems, lyrics, articles, and is a DJ. She publishes all her works in her own project, The Moment. Sagal started creating collages in Paris in 2018. She is the Founder of the first Ukrainian community of collagists, KYIV COLLAGE COLLECTIVE @kyivcollage, and recently a new educational project, KYIV COLLAGE SCHOOL @kyivcollageschool. She is the co-founder of the first Ukrainian Contemporary Collage Festival, CUTOUT, and CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO @cutout.festival. In these projects, she plays the role of graphic designer and content creator and manager, curator of international artists and exhibitions.

In March 2022, Sagal was displaced to Madrid, Spain, but in July 2022, she returned to her city of Kyiv, Ukraine.

She wrote, “I couldn’t bear being far away from home, so I returned. Yes, Russia’s war against Ukraine is not over and won’t be over soon. So I have to appreciate every moment on my Ukrainian ground and work to uplift Ukrainian culture, specifically Ukrainian collage art.”


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11.75″x8.25″; paper collage; 2020
8.6″x6.2″; paper collage on A4 paper; 2020
11.75″x8.25″; paper collage; 2021
Moon Mantis
10.8″x9″; paper collage; 2020