Anouk Sugàr

4.1″x6.9″; paper, newspaper, tape, pencil, crayon; 2015

Anouk Sugàr
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Collage to me is about the immediacy and spontaneity of the process, in an attempt to remain uncensored. If the result of a collage does not satisfy me, I’ll discard it, rather then do more work on it. It sometimes happens that I take bits and pieces out of the trash and reassemble them all over again.

Central to my work is the potential discrepancy between the signifier and the signified and, therefore, the inherent difficulty to make oneself understood; the idea that words slip away from us, similarly to the hundreds of daily gestures we repeat day in, day out, unnoticeably. The images portrayed in the collages may contain the possibility to be translated into pronounceable thought.


I am a visual artist and writer living in Montreal, Canada. I studied art and critical theory at Goldsmith’s College, London (United Kingdom) and sociology at the Université du Québec à Montréal, with a particular interest in the role played by images in contemporary society. My recent artwork mainly makes use of collage and large-scale painting.

Selected collages have been featured in Synopsis, the magazine of Main Film (independent filmmakers in Montreal); on site, a magazine of art, architecture, urbanism, and landscape (Calgary); as well as on the cover of two Marie-Claire Blais novels, David Sterne and Un Joualonais sa Joualonie published by Les Éditions du Boréal in Montreal.


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3.7″x3″; paper, newspaper, tape, crayon; 2014

Empty Gestures
3.9″x4.9″; paper, newspaper, tape, crayon, pencil and ink; 2014

6″x3.9″; paper, cardboard, tape, pencil, watercolour; 2015

Pain in the Neck
4.1″x4.5″; paper, newspaper, pencil, crayon, coloured pen, ink; 2014