Georgi Georgiev

untitled (Winston)
11″x8.5″; magazine ads, double-tack mounting film; 2011

Georgi Georgiev
Brooklyn, New York, USA


My interests in photography and art are rooted in early twentieth century Modernism, and art movements like Dada, Surrealism and Constructivism. I try to create my personal work using these influences and attitudes as an inspiration. I realize how vast the medium of photography can be, and all the possibilities that it offers, and I am interested in finding out where the limits are to photographic practice, and if they even exist.

My work is created to surprise and confuse, I am not interested in showing the way things are, but rather how they aren’t. I constantly investigate the way images are formed and how they operate and try to employ these discoveries in humorous manner. Satire, sarcasm and absurdity are of ultimate importance to me as an artist, whether they are directed towards the viewer, the medium of photography, or myself, their presence is vital.


I was born in Bourgas, Bulgaria in 1979. I have a BFA in photography from The School of Visual Arts in New York, where I received the Silas H. Rhodes award, as well as the Special Photography Department Award and a nomination for the Tierney Fellowship in photography. In 2015, I completed a masters in fine arts at Brooklyn College. The focus of my work is collage, photomontage, experimental and conceptual photography. Since 2003, I have been living in Brooklyn, New York, where I work as freelance artist and an adjunct photography instructor at LaGuardia Community College.


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untitled (75cents06)
12″x9″; magazine ads, double-tack mounting film; 2015

untitled (Backwards)
11″x8″; magazine ads, double-tack mounting film; 2014

untitled (J. Franco)
12″x8″; magazine ads, double-tack mounting film; 2014

untitled (B.A.M.B.)
10″x10″; magazine ads, double-tack mounting film; 2015