Antonia Rehnen

6.5″x9″; original paper collage; 2016

Antonia Rehnen
Groningen, The Netherlands


In my work, I am constantly searching for ways to escape what happens around me, while at the same time trying to reflect upon it. Often, I imagine myself living in a world that isn`t actually there. A world that is filled with imagination, magic and childlike wonder. A world I like to immerse myself in. The fact that I am alive in a time period in which underwater breathing equipment, space travel and machines that enable man to fly, are a reality, inspires me to no end. In fact, in my work, I use these 20th-century inventions as a gateway into a realm of endless possibilities. The combination of 2D paper collage and stop-motion animations enables me to clarify the abstractions of my imagination, to visualize a feeling of amazement, perhaps even to make it palpable for somebody else.

Even though I try to coax my feelings into imagery, the world I create in my work does not have the singular purpose of sharing my feelings of wonder. It also visualizes desires, dreams and nightmares, creating a stage for the images, invisible to the eye. One object or an image can be the starting point to create a new world around it. A personal event, a dream or a feeling can set off something from which the work eventually sets itself free. Although it is not always possible to find the starting point in the picture, the emotion with which I started remains.


Antonia Rehnen (born 1986 in Haren (Ems), Germany) studied fine arts at the Minerva Academy in Groningen, The Netherlands. Her work consists of collages (paper/printmaking), artist’s books and stop-motion animation.


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Schau mal nach oben, wenn du in New York bist
6.6″x4.7″; original paper collage; 2015

Eisschollenmanöver auf Grönland
7.5″x7.3″; original paper collage; 2015

Die Zugfahrt (stop-motion animation still)
8.3″x11.7″; original paper collage; 2014