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Antarctica Starts Here by Avi Yair
Antarctica Starts Here
13″x13″x2″; mixed media; 2009

Avi Yair
Tel Aviv, Israel


For thirty years I have used sculpture and painting as my primary means of expression. For the past seven years, my preoccupation with collage stands at the centre of my work. Collage enables me to bring into my works on paper various types of images to express new observations, critical and humorous on the human condition, and on both modern Israeli and world history. I choose images from maps from different periods, old magazines and old books. Combining these materials to create works that express new perspectives and alternative worlds together with color and pencil is what draws me to this medium. Collage is an exciting language for me, constantly inspiring me to rethink reality.


I was born in 1957, in Tel-Aviv, Israel and this is where I now live. I studied art at the Ramat HaSharon Art Teacher’s College from 1980 to 1984. I have participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and have had several one man shows in Israel. For the past several years I have integrated my interest in history and in maps with my artistic endeavors. These collages and assemblages were exhibited in my previous two one man shows: “You Are Here” (2010) and “Mostly Collage” (2012) at the Rawart Gallery in Tel-Aviv.


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War Dancer by Avi Yair
War Dancer
14″x12.6″; collage; 2012

Bombay by Avi Yair
11″x8″; collage; 2013

Eyeless by Avi Yair
14″x11″; collage; 2013

21″x18.5″; collage on paper; 2016