Bárbara Scarambone

Mountain Woman
11.7″x8.3″; paper; 2018

Bárbara Scarambone
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Bárbara Scarambone is mostly inspired by the psychedelia aesthetic of the 1960s, colours and sounds, by Surrealism’s omnipotent/omnipresent dream, by the feminist power and Beat Generation’s true experimentalism. Scarambone creates handmade/analogue paper collages using the cut-and-paste technique, watercolour experiments and assemblage with torn up papers.


Bárbara Scarambone was born in Brasília, Brazil in 1982. As an extremely curious autodidact and imaginative person, Bárbara explored her creativity mostly through words, reading and writing poetry and short stories since she was a teenager, studying Literature.

In 2006, she decided to change everything and moved to São Paulo, where she lives and works until today. The city offered something that she already knew existed, but had no idea how it would affect her reality. Art was/is everywhere, all the time.

In 2011, she decided she needed to try something different than words and found in collage a way to tell new stories, to show different feelings and realities.

She learned a new way for her creative process–always learning–and her time now is mostly dedicated to analog collages, assemblage and watercolour.


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Broken Flowers
4.1″x5.8″; paper; 2016

Our Shared Moments
11.7″x8.3″; watercolour and paper; 2017

Unnatural Channel
5.8″x4.1″; watercolour and paper; 2017

Summer II
5.8″x4.1″; paper; 2016