Yulia Jeltuhin

16″x20″; paper; 2019

Yulia Jeltuhin
Roswell, Georgia, USA


Yulia Jeltuhin has created her signature collage style by using small cut pieces of paper as brush strokes. She only uses colors and sometimes texture, never other images to create her collages. As a collage artist she works in cityscapes, landscapes, conceptual pieces and portraits using paper only.


Yulia Jeltuhin spent her childhood and early youth in Russia. There, her life was closely tied to the Russian art school, famous for its rich traditions of excellence and diversity. She received training in different media of artistic expression: water color, guash, acrylic, pencil, ink, clay sculpture.

After Yulia’s family immigrated to Atlanta, Georgia, she studied graphic and packaging design. That considerably broadened her artistic horizon, and enabled the artist to develop her unique personal style of self-expression. She mastered the art of collages. After college, she worked as a graphic and packaging designer while actively pursuing her fine art development.

Becoming a mother of three children changed her life’s priorities for a time being. She devoted a great amount of time raising her own kids; but soon decided to start sharing her passion for creativity by opening the YuliaArt studio for kids and teens where she inspires the young souls to this day.

After the youngest of the children started school, Yulia went back to her creative calling. Collectors in USA, Europe, Israel and Canada own her work.


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16″x20″; paper; 2019
16″x20″; paper; 2018
Married Couple
12″x9″; paper; 2005