Laura Heidotten

Before You Know It
10″x14″; digital collage; 2019

Laura Heidotten
Brooklyn, New York, USA


In collage everything is up to our imagination. We can all see the same bits and pieces of imagery but create entirely different stories depending on our experiences in life. I have always been fascinated by this aspect of the medium.

I find sound to be extremely visual and as a result, my work is heavily influenced by what I happen to be listening to at that moment in time. It’s important that I not think too heavily about creating a specific scene, there is a meditative quality that comes from seeing the connections that are made subconsciously during this process. I tend to focus on connecting lines between different elements and bringing the piece together through color.

My mind is constantly in overdrive, overthinking and questioning the daily nuances of life. Collage provides an outlet where I am able to create something from the chaos.


I am a freelance designer and mixed media artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. I enjoy developing concepts that create harmony within different mediums including illustration, collage, audio, and video. I am fueled by learning and exploring as often as possible. This includes experimenting with new programs, learning how to play piano, and figuring out how to build a computer.


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20″x15″; handcut collage; 2020
Knitting Factory
9″x8″; digital collage; 2019
Greene Ave
12″x18″; digital collage; 2018
Whip It
12″x22″; handcut collage; 2020