Lily Hinrichsen

Up and Out
48″x48″; oil on canvas; 2019

Lily Hinrichsen
Bristol, Vermont, USA


I’m bi-lingual; my birth language is imagery. A language that wants to be felt.

My life of artmaking has been a life of translation. It’s not enough to just observe, I must give things a voice. Transcribing stony hikes, river swims, jazz, quantum physics, and backyard observations into amorphic shapes and calligraphic lines. Transforming feelings into color. Capturing the not-so-obvious nature of things. Making the invisible visible.

My pieces are signatures endorsing what I’ve seen to be true. Bold gestures indicating a fleeting moment in time. The momentum long gone but the afterimage chronicled on canvas and paper. Science says we hold memory in our cells. I believe this to be true. My body remembers all moments, holding the impressions in the grip of my hand. The hand that holds a brush, a pencil, a pair of scissors.

No matter the scale of my artwork I want to maintain intimacy. That moment of needing to step closer to the subject to see and feel the subtleties of the message. To examine the nuances. Inquire within.


I left my childhood home at the age of 18 and went on to a series of colleges obtaining degrees in Graphic Design, Art Education, and finally, a Masters in Studio Arts. In 1996 I moved from Iowa to Johnson, Vermont where I was on staff at the Vermont Studio Center for 4 years. One of the largest art colonies in the nation, it was a pivotal period for me to have so much space and time to create art and to have access to artists and writers of all mediums, experience, nationalities, and philosophies. My concepts of art expanded as I was challenged and supported to go deeper into my process, and to also experiment with a wide range of materials and techniques. Over the years I’ve exhibited my work in the form of oil paintings, monotypes, fabric installations, mixed media drawings, and 3D assemblages. Some themes of these exhibits have been Home, Night Dreams, Secret Codes, Forts, Domestic Life, and Field Notes from Nature. Vermont, USA is my current home.


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One Morning
24″x24″; oil on canvas; 2019
32.5″x40″; mixed media on archival board; 2019
Neuron Blitz
22″x30″; gouache on monotype; 2018
Transmission #2
5″x3″; gouache on monotype; 2018