Beata Kruszynski

The Plant
magazine paper on board

Beata Kruszynski
Brampton, Ontario, Canada


Beata Kruszynski creates sustainable collages from recycled materials. The themes she focuses on are nature, humanity, and how they correlate with one another. Beata creates from abstract images and then manipulates them to look like reality. Her favourite images to illustrate are faces, plants, and surreal geometric worlds.


Beata Kruszynski is an enthusiastic and sometimes esoteric storyteller who expresses life through her creations. She devotes her practice to themes surrounding society, nature, and their connection to one another. Through her artwork, Beata delves into spaces real, fictional, and abstract. She adores minimalism and white space, but does not shy away from occasional intuitive chaos. Her preferred mediums include collage, ink, acrylic paint, watercolour, and mixed media.

Beata earned a Bachelor of Design from Ontario College of Art and Design, and Bachelor of Education from York University. She is currently collaging, painting and teaching in the greater Toronto area. Her work has been exhibited in The United States, Canada, Iceland, Poland, The Dominican Republic, and The Netherlands. She has painted murals, and completed large scale drawings in community centres, schools, youth centres and festivals such as LuminaTO.


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Great Minds Think Alike
18″x18″; magazine paper and watercolour paper

11″x9″; magazine paper


11″x9″; magazine paper