Justin Angelos

10″x8″; hand-cut paper, spray paint, ink; 2014

Justin Angelos
Burlingame, California, USA


In the past few years I’ve been obsessed with pushing the limits of collage and striving to produce unique and original work. I hand cut my images from magazines, newspaper and found paper and I’m always searching for that something special to set my work apart. I hope to create new and engaging pieces that transport the viewer through the contrast of colour, composition and interesting narrative subject matter. Keep cutting!


Justin Angelos was born in 1971 in Los Angeles, California. After spending many years on the road with a job in the tradeshow industry, Justin now lives in Burlingame, California, where he is a full-time stay-at-home-dad and artist. Life, death, loss and rebirth play a major role in the forming of many of his ideas. He is inspired by the current state of our world and the debris man leaves in its wake. Primitive culture, the animal world and today’s fast paced and disposable society also add fuel to his work. Justin continues to push the art of collage to new heights including recent commissions for Gatorade Fierce, local and international shows and his own line of digitally-printed silk scarves.


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camazots bride
11″x8.5″; hand-cut paper, spray paint, ink; 2014

chain smile skull
10″x8″; hand-cut paper, spray paint, ink; 2014

liquid pupils
10″x8″; hand-cut paper, spray paint, ink; 2014

mixed sampler
14″x11″; hand-cut paper, spray paint, ink; 2014