Betsy Silverman

Gotta Have Glam
40″x40″; recycled magazines on canvas; 2020

Betsy Silverman
Newton, Massachusetts, USA


Working in a collage style that she calls “fragmented realism,” Betsy Silverman trains her eye upon discarded magazines, which she selects, cuts, and glues to a canvas, in order to transform the old images and text into multidimensional portraits, still lifes, and cityscapes. She delights in the challenge of fashioning a new image, while preserving bits of the former representations found in the selected pieces of paper – their individual memories and histories. Betsy chooses each recycled paper remnant for its hue, value, saturation, image content, and textual relationship to the subjects of her work. Thus, each artwork comprises many layers of meaning, both literally and figuratively. Her clever use of magazine pages creates effects of light, shadow, reflections, and scaling, to create a sense of depth, perspective, and dazzling realism. In addition, an environmental sensibility permeates her art, which re-purposes discarded materials and gives them new life.


A graduate of Cornell University and the Rhode Island School of Design, Betsy Silverman lives in the Boston area and has exhibited her collage artwork throughout the Northeast. She is also widely sought out for large-scale commissioned works displayed in offices, restaurants, and other commercial venues.

News about Betsy and her latest works and upcoming exhibits may be found at her website and Instagram page.


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Paramount Reflected
36″x48″; recycled magazines on canvas; 2019
Taxi Line Up Again
36″x48″; recycled magazines on canvas; 2019
Ducks and Swan
40″x30″; recycled magazines on canvas; 2017
Crossing Downtown Crossing
36″x48″; recycled magazines on canvas; 2018