Jodie House

Pretty Face, not going to waste
11.8″x9″; vintage book insert, paper-dress pattern, magazine; 2019

Jodie House
Weymouth, Dorset, United Kingdom


I found that collage work allowed me to observe life’s nuances from standing still. I’m an observer and often distracted by nuances in life. My collage aims to show the beauty of the silent strength of women around me. I love the process of collage, sourcing materials, ripping and touching. Being obsessed by a tiny scraps of paper that are discarded.


I have grown up in Dorset, United Kingdom. I have two grown up children and my home is Weymouth, a very typical British seaside town. I have worked in the community as an artist with vulnerable young people and families for the last 20 years. In my work, I use collage, film and photography as toolboxes for processing emotion and to support people making sense of trauma.

I am an active member of and contributor to Women in Street photography and the online collage community. I hold a degree in video production and curate a long term youth documentary photography project MySpaceMyPlace.

I started making collages two years ago and and am currently setting up my first exhibition in my community.


+07 342 314 195
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Goodbye Children. I’m Going Out.
11″x7.8″; vintage hard book cover, magazine and hole-punch paper; 2020
I heard a sad song
9.8″x7.8″; vintage book insert, paper-tissue, songbook paper; 2020
Lazy House 92
11″x8.4″; vintage book page, coloured paper and an old photo frame; 2020
Maybe He’s Asleep Somewhere
11.8″x8.6″; vintage book insert, coloured paper, dress pattern and image by Denis Agati available via Unsplash (Paris Collage Collection challenge)