Palmer Earl

The Return
60″x48″; pages from The Old Testament and acrylic on canvas; 2018

Palmer Earl
Los Angeles, California, USA


My acrylic paintings explore the original source of the social constructs that put us and keep us in the position we are today as women. As early as 10,000 BCE our perceived worth as females began to wane. Through research of major social influences (religion, mythology and the written word) I visually interpret specific stories or incidents that helped shape our social trajectory. I often collage printed pages of significant literature on to my canvases to represent the power the written word or to relate the painting to a specific story or idea. With a better understanding of our path I can make more sense of where we are today and where we might be tomorrow.


Palmer Earl was born and raised in New York City where her passion for painting was sparked at an early age by the city’s many art museums. She began taking painting classes at age seven and went on to earn her BFA from School of Visual Arts.
Currently she lives and paints in Los Angeles. Palmer is affiliated with the Los Angeles Art Association and has exhibited her work in New York and Los Angeles.

In 2017 she had paintings in the show “Wage On! Women, Art, and Money” presented by Women’s Caucus for Art, Juried by Helga Christoffersen of The New Museum, at Ceres Gallery in New York.
Recently her paintings were featured in the CBS show Unicorn and in an article in the Interesting People section of Voyage LA Magazine.


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Eve’s Moment
40″x30″; pages from Genesis and acrylic on canvas; 2019
Hera, Aphrodite and Athena
30″x28″ each; pages from The Illiad and acrylic on canvas; 2019
The Wall
36″x48″; pages of The Old Testament and Acrylic on canvas; 2018
24″x30″; pages from Hesoid’s Works and Days and Theogony and acrylic on canvas; 2019