Bettina Homann

A Man and a Fish
9″x7″; paper; 2020

Bettina Homann
Berlin, Germany


Out of the eternal flood of words and images, individual ones detach themselves, condense into patterns that appear to be true. Like the high priestess in the entrails of sacrificial animals, the village witch in coffee grounds, I am constantly on the trail of meaning that lies beyond my limited imagination.


Born in Vienna, Bettina Homann studied art history and literature in Venice and Munich. While her occupation as a journalist and editor focuses on rational explorations of the world, her artistic work is about intuitive explorations. It usually starts with finding snippets of images and materials (in scrap paper or on the side of the road), which are then put together in the studio and sometimes worked on with acrylic paint.


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All My Riches Surround Me
7″x9″; paper and acyrlic paint; 2022
On Being a Woman
6.5″x6.5″; paper, cardboard, and pencil drawing; 2019
5″x6″x2.7″; paper and cardboard interior of a medicine box; 2020
Virgin Suicide
9″x7″; paper; 2022