C.P. Harrison

9.5″x9″; vintage children’s books, magazines, stickers, soap wrapper, ink & crayon on vintage album cover; 2021

C.P. Harrison
Round Rock, Texas, USA


My collage practice has embraced the philosophy of “joy as resistance.”

It explores the abstraction of pop elements, themes & colors with, at times, a bit of a cubist slant. It relies heavily on overkill, chaos, and the occasional crayon.


C.P. Harrison was born and raised in Houston, Texas before making a home in Austin. He received his BFA from The University of Oklahoma in 1997. Harrison’s collage art has been in numerous group shows with his first solo show taking place in 2020. His work has appeared in the magazines Cut Me Up, Defaced and OLTRE.


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Catch 2020
9″x7.5″; vintage comics, children’s books, magazines, stickers, adverts, lottery tickets, ink, crayon and found text; 2020
Tonight that I might hide
11″x7.5″; vintage comics, children’s books, coloring books, ink & crayon; 2021
16 ft 7
9.5″x7″; vintage comics, children’s books, stickers and ink; 2020
My thinking is not always reliable
7.5″x7″; vintage children’s books, comics, holiday cards, ink, crayon and watercolor; 2021