Bev Speight

11″x8.3″; washi tape, magazines, photocopies; 2018

Bev Speight
London, United Kingdom


I am passionate about art, and in particular, I love collage. This art of reinvention is a magical and tactile process that allows me to collect, experiment, combine and transform imagery. Working with old family photographs, vintage magazines and my own holiday snaps, I enjoy exploring and experimenting with different styles to produce a variety of artworks: from architectural builds to mixed media menageries and washi tape mash-ups to juxtaposed joiners.


Bev Speight is a graphic designer, illustrator and art educator who teaches at Middlesex University, London, UK. She was previously creative director for a major London book publisher and, amongst many other clients, has worked on high-profile campaigns for the BBC, Lonely Planet and Berlitz. Now an independent creative, she balances her time between her creative graphic design and illustration practice, university lecturing and writing books.

At Middlesex university, Bev leads the Visual Arts and 3D Design BA Foundation programmes.

Bev illustrated the Victorian Steampunk Tarot for Cico publishers, London.

Over the past couple of years, she has published two books with Octopus Publishers: ArtLife (2017) and Fast Art (2018), and is about to launch her new book with Octopus Publishers and Tate London, Project:Collage (March 2019).

Bev designed this new art series for Tate and has written, illustrated, designed and photographed the first title, Project:Collage.


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Whitby Beach
9.6″x7.5″; old photograph, coloured paper, photocopies; 2018

I Dreamed I Was a Beautiful Swan
9.6″x7.5″; magazines, photocopies, coloured paper

Hunter Gather
11.8″x11″; matchboxes, ephemera; 2018

7.9″x7.9″; magazines, photocopies; 2018