Chery Holmes

Just a Glitch
two panels, 24″x30″x1″; acrylic paint, black gesso, coloured pencil, paper images, oncology bracelet, artist pens; 2019
Based on the play, Wit

Chery Holmes
Westmount, Quebec, Canada


As a gay woman, I experience life as an outsider and can easily identify with the underdog. I am constantly questioning and trying to make sense of the world I live in. Theatre does the same with its depictions of the alienated, the undervalued and the misunderstood. Theatre questions the status quo, and prompts the audience to look inside themselves for the answers. By using the theme of theatre in my artwork, I am provided with a platform to express my affinity with so many of the thoughts and feelings presented on the stage. Collage and mixed media techniques allow me to be experimental and to work in an intuitive fashion. Every piece of art that I create is a combination of my inspirations, my life experience and my subconscious mind.


Chery Holmes is a Montreal-based artist with a passion for creating collage and mixed media works connected to the intricate world of the theatre. She attended the School of Art and Design at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and studied as well with the distinguished Canadian artist, Marion Wagschal, and the American portrait artist, Daniel E. Greene.

She began her career as a founding member of Powerhouse Gallery, she has curated several artists’ exhibitions and has displayed her mixed media artwork in group shows and solo exhibitions across North America. Her “Coca-Cola” series drew strong media attention when the artist made use of painted and adorned three-dimensional figures sipping soda to poke holes in the shady business of mass marketing. Chery was chosen twice to participate in Les Femmeuses, sponsored by Pratt & Whitney Canada. Her set of paintings which depict marginalized people were chosen as cover art for eight novels, published by Oberon Press. She is a two-time winner of the Hallmark Canada Greeting Card Competition and her interpretive portrait of the playwright, Tennessee Williams, has graced the cover of the Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, published in Boston.

Chery has won a Special Merit Award from the LightSpaceTime Gallery in the 555 Special Art Exhibition 2018 for her mixed media collage, The Costume Designer. She has also received “honourable mention” in the 2018 Art Room Contemporary Gallery Competition titled, “City”, for her mixed media work, NYC Coffee Shop. Her artwork can be seen in the Canada Council Art Bank collection, the Musee d’Art Contemporain body of purchased works and internationally in both private and corporate collections. Chery teaches Master classes in contemporary collage techniques and offers workshops in the art and practice of creating multifaceted works using mixed media and collage.


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22″x30″; acrylic paint, paper images, mulberry paper, ribbon, conté, graphite, photos, image transfers, cloth, black gesso, artist pens; 2018
Based on the plays, Indecent and God of Vengeance

Joan of Arc, The Stage Play
20″x24″x.75″; acrylic paint, mulberry paper, paper images, rhinestones, twigs, charcoal, cloth mesh ribbon, white pencil; 2018
Based on the play, Joan of Arc

The Mystic Eye
14″x11″x1″; black gesso, acrylic paint, photos, string, torn paper, metal arrow, ceramic light bulb, rice paper, art book photos; 2017
Based on the retro children’s game

Beautiful Thing
22″x29.75″x.75″; acrylic paint, paper, pencil, glitter glue, crayons, mulberry paper, cigarette butt paper, artist pens; 2017
Based on the play, Beautiful Thing