Blake Kirpes

Agnostic to the Bone
15.4″x11″; digital; 2018

Blake Kirpes
Seattle, Washington, USA


I am inspired by images that are not of this time, and to me, that helps to disassociate the images from their origin. I like the idea that people cannot place where a particular image came from, or how much of the original image was used; this is why I try to avoid using images of famous actors, movie scenes, and models.

I am also inspired by the unique colours, printing styles, and images produced during the “Golden Era of Advertising”. Long before I started creating art, I would save and collect vintage images (thousands of them), for no reason other than personal enjoyment. Once I saw artists using similar images to create their art, that is when an idea sparked, “Maybe I could do this?”


Blake Kirpes is a collage artist with a focus on clean cuts and images of unknown people from the past; he lives in Seattle with his favourite person in the world. His work has been featured in Vice, Amuse, The Fashionable Lampoon, and Nakid Magazine.


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I’ve Been Replaying It All
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Self Love
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