Lorraine Pocklington

The City from Nana Joy and The Sadness of the World
8.3″x9.8″; paper collage from charity collection; 2018

Lorraine Pocklington
Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom


Cause driven, my work is normally a reaction to current affairs, especially in response to injustice.

For my book, Nana Joy and the Sadness of the World, I used analogue and digital collage. The collages were made from unsolicited direct mail received by five households in the United Kingdom over the course of a year.


Originally from a textile arts background, I have turned to collage as a preferred medium. I live and work in West Wales, United Kingdom. The website here supports the book I created for my MA in Graphic Communication, 2018. There are details about the project in an essay towards the end of the book, which can be accessed via the website.  Professionally, I provide graphic design and web services for small businesses, under the name greenweeds.

I also work as a Community Manager for an open source database company. As part of that, I create blog illustrations and produce the in-house magazine.


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Nana’s Dream from Nana Joy and The Sadness of the World
8.3″x8.3″; paper collage from charity collection; 2018

There Goes the Neighbourhood
5.83″x8.27″; paper collage; 2017

The B of the Bang (Fallen Angel)
15.7″x15.7″; mixed media collage; 2014