Caroline von Bodecker

Provincie Antwerpen (World Collage Atlas, page 39)
18″x13″; paper collage, ink drawing, watercolour, gold & Brussels lace; 2019

Caroline von Bodecker
Wittenförden, Germany


The world is surreal – at other times only collages seemed to be surreal in some instances.

I am fascinated by seeing something go beyond its limitations and to create something new out of it. Thus, I take use of the given, the abundance, the remnants in order to find material for my collages.

The bases for this are pieces of printed matter that fall in our hands in everyday life–often only meant for the moment–like newspapers, expensively printed brochures, colourful leaflets, packaging, funny stickers, and bus tickets with metallic iridescent stripes. Throwing these opulent print products immediately into the wastepaper basket appears too banal and lavish.

In many cases a tiny detail, a font, a play of colour, an ornament, etc. causes an association. That’s why some paper shreds are preserved longer, awaiting transformation until the association gets another constellation, an elective affinity, a new meaning. Things get a second life, another narrative context.

In this way, the composition of some collages develops rather by chance. The ideas for other works regarding a particular subject first appear in my mind and fall into place within a longer period of time. But also for these “planned collages”, I like to leave space for an opportunity of coincidence.

Several collages also come into being on a ceramic faience subfont that I designed. Sometimes, I also add details of my drawings or watercolours.

But I also like to use other things I find as well as historical papers. However, I have great respect cutting these evocative treasures into pieces.

Even though I work in seclusion and silence–in most cases, I converse with the world loudly.


Caroline von Bodecker was born and raised in the divided Berlin. Her work experience includes assistance and training in work at a number of art studios. She pursued studies in Berlin. She currently has her own studio. She is a member of the Federal Association of Artists of the Fine Arts (Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler). Her work has been shown in solo and group shows in media including drawing, collage, pottery, tilework and calligraphy.


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Veduta I: Hidden Worlds
5″x7″; paper collage, ink drawing, watercolour; 2018
Veduta II: Hidden Worlds
5″x7″; paper collage, ink drawing, watercolour; 2018
Arcadian Dream
6″x4″; paper collage, ink drawing, gold and watercolour; 2018
Bonjour Tristesse
9″x6″; paper collage, gold and watercolour; 2019