Christian Wischnewski

B Kosmos
10″x6.8″; paper collage on cardboard; 2021

Christian Wischnewski
Berlin, Germany


I like collaging because I like collecting. My inspiration to create collage and assemblage work stems from gathering and curating materials. I put a lot of effort in sourcing these and spend hours sorting through them. For me, personally, this is where much of the actual work is done. When the framework is set, the rest is a free flowing process that feels effortless and liberating. A positive feedback loop that gives room for exploration. A therapeutic routine, that helps me to reconnect with the world while speaking my very own language.


Christian Wischnewski (b. 1984) is an artist and freelance illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Born and raised in Northeast Germany, he moved to Münster in 2005 where he graduated from FH Münster University of Applied Sciences with a diploma in communication design. Besides a strong emphasis on collage and assemblage art his creative range extends from classic and digital drawings to graphic design, hand lettering, animation and game development. Collaging has been his main artistic focus for over a decade now. Gradually he applied the thus acquired techniques and methods to a more three-dimensional approach and started building found-object sculptures. Whether growing up on an island laid the base for the artist’s current more genuine confrontation with environmental issues (in particular plastic pollution) is up for debate.


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8.4″x6.8″; paper collage; 2021
Body Language of Depression I
11.2″x9.2″; paper collage on cardboard; 2019
10.6″x8″; paper collage on cardboard; 2020
4.7″x3.5″; paper collage on found photograph; 2019