Kim Triedman

11.5″x14.5″; collage on canvas; 2020

Kim Triedman
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA


I am a published poet and novelist. I began working in collage as a way to further indulge my fascination with story.

I have always loved old things: the milkiness of old paint, the stains and the ravels, the stories left behind. Most of my artwork involves found and recycled objects: old ledgers, receipts and certificates; graphs and architectural plans; newsprint and chicken-wire and laundry line. Many also make use of antique wooden windows, which serve as frame and template but also conceptual springboard. For me they offer a particularly rich and exploitable template: like sudden and unexpected purviews, they open us to juxtapositions in search of a narrative thread.

Much of my work focuses on issues of gender expectations and historical and evolving perceptions of femininity and sexuality. I am especially interested in the how historical expectations of what it means to be a woman intersect with and hinder current societal realities.

My imagination tilts to the provocative, the visually arresting pairing or detail. Compositions are drawn from places I have known, sometimes through memory but also from my own photography. My palette is often muted, though, like life, shot through with small urgencies of color.


Kim Triedman is a practicing visual artist and an award-winning poet and novelist. She works primarily in collage and mixed media and often uses her own photography in her pieces. Much of her work focuses on issues of gender expectations, historical perceptions of femininity and sexuality, and the weight and challenge of changing expectations. Triedman’s pieces have been shown widely in small and large group shows throughout the northeastern United States and earned her numerous juror’s awards and mentions. In 2018, she curated and participated in the show “Waste Not,” which was featured as the cover story in ArtScope Magazine. Her work can be found at her website and in numerous private collections here and abroad.


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The Lord, She Will Carry Us
20.5″x16.5″; collage on canvas; 2020
11.5″x14.5″; collage on canvas; 2020
The Last Conversation
16.5″x20.5″; collage on canvas; 2020
Leg or Breast?
36″x20″; mixed media collage on reclaimed window; 2018