Dana Robinson

And the Void Did Shine 03
17″x11″; multi-media collage; 2015

Dana Robinson
Gainesville, Florida, USA


The transition from blurry spots of colour, to focused hard-lined details creates a movement of thought, and of daydreaming. The floating forms are a reflection of her ideas and questions that come up in her times of solitude. Dana Robinson illustrates her moments in comfortable transitional spaces where she can pause before having to take an active role the world around her. Whether it’s the time spent awake in bed before the alarm goes off, waiting for a bus, or in a doctor’s office, the banal moments become a fascinating refuge where she can indulge in her fantasies of reality, ask and answer rhetorical questions, as well as focus on the more practical elements of a day that hold her reality together.


Dana Robinson is a multimedia artist working predominantly with paper, fabric, and paint. She has shown in Gainesville at Display, Factory, and at The School of Visual Arts. Upon graduating with a BFA from Florida State University, Robinson worked at The Elsewhere Artist Collaborative and moved to Baltimore where she began creating clothing designs from recycled vintage fabric and forming her brand Hot Dog Paradise. Robinson has made great progress with her artistic goals during her residencies at School of Visual Arts, and Protocol Gallery and has been featured on many blogs such as Robot Wednesdays, Queen Mob’s Tea House, and Sula Collective. She is currently living in Gainesville and will be a featured artist in the print issue of Atlanta’s Wussy Magazine.


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And the Void Did Shine 02
17″x11″; multi-media collage; 2015

And the Void Did Shine 01
17″x11″; multi-media collage; 2015

And the Void Did Shine 04
17″x11″; multi-media collage; 2015

And the Void Did Shine 05
17″x11″; multi-media collage; 2015