DeAnna Skedel

1/30/2022 Museum Visit
8″x5″; eco print collage on watercolor paper; 2022

DeAnna Skedel
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


The processes of eco printing, drawing and collaging are processes of discovery and acceptance. They are a manifestation of time and attention. I am grateful for this time. As an artist, an academic and the parent of atypical kids, the practice of looking for information; looking for signs, symbols and signifiers can be constant; these pauses in the studio and in the environment are teaching moments. Art of chance, art that is discovered and divined in its own time introduces the possibility of balance in an unbalanced situation.


DeAnna Skedel has been an artist and professor in Kansas City since 2002. Her eclectic, wide-ranging studio practice has been akin to the practice of reading tea leaves: an act of both divination and meditation. DeAnna first began showing at the Ohio Craft Museum while still in undergrad. Graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago brought about some time working in theater. Sculpture and good friends presented opportunities at such venues as the US/UKContemporary Cast Iron SculptureProject and Overflow/Fluids (LA Art Girls) at the Getty Museum Los Angeles, California. She has been a Kansas City Avenue of Arts recipient, part of the Urban Culture Project, included in the book The Sixth Surface: Steven Holl Lights the Nelson-Atkins Museum and a member of the Kansas City chapter of the social justice organization, Avodah. Skedel has been honored by her peers at Metropolitan Community College-Blue River with the Missouri Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, and is honored by students who call her “some crazy combination of Mr. Miyagi and Bob Ross” and is happy her children do not find her too embarrassing.


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1/28/2022 Mystified
8″x4″; eco print collage on watercolor paper; 2022
1/4/2022 Listening
10″x6.5″; collage on CitraSolv paper; 2022
1/2/2022 Wilmette
9″x6″; eco print with collaged elements on watercolor paper; 2022
6″x6″; eco print with collaged elements on watercolor paper; 2021