Denis Kollasch

Schreiseeadler from the series “Kollaschs Tierleben”
10.2″x6.6″; paper collage; 2020

Denis Kollasch
Berlin, Germany


For several years I have been reading Kolaj Magazine and I am always amazed at the variety of forms and techniques that exist in collage art. I like the idea of the magazine, to introduce new artworks and discuss and examine contemporary collages with a worldwide perspective.

In this context, I use the Artist Directory to present regularly new works and series of my paperworks.

After the series “MEGAURBANPOLIS,” “figura architectura” and the “Faltagen,” I currently give an insight into the series “Sails on board” and “Kollaschs Tierleben.”

In the series “Sails on board” folds replace and complement the sails of the ships and make them appear three-dimensional.

In “Kollaschs Tierleben” the basis are pages of illustrations from animal paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, which I redesigned and alienated in terms of content, meaning, or humor using various techniques.


German artist Denis Kollasch’s first solo exhibition was in 2013 with “MEGAURBANPOLIS”, in which he described his Utopian landscapes, which mostly consist of buildings in which we live and work.

Further translation of architecture into geometric figures and forms culminates in his ongoing series “figura architectura.”

Another focus of his artworks are his experiments with folded paper, which he has composed so far in surfaces (polygons), in photographs or illustrations (faltage).

Denis Kollasch lives and works in Berlin and Weimar.


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Großer Ameisenbär from the series “Kollaschs Tierleben”
6.6″x10.2″; paper collage; 2020.
Löwe from the series “Kollaschs Tierleben”
6.6″x10.2″; paper collage; 2020.
Handelsschiff from the series “Faltage – Sails on board”
6.4″x9.4″; two folds on book page; 2020.
Atlas from the series “Faltage – Sails on board”
6.4″x9.4″; three folds on book page; 2020.