Nathalie le Hesran

Portrait of a Young Black Man
27″x19.3″; recycled paper, newsprint, magazine pages, drawing paper, tissue paper, felt, pastels; 2020.

Nathalie le Hesran
Rennes, France


My paintings and collage paintings present moments from my life. My creations oscillate between the figurative and the abstract. The exploration of color is primary. I am trying to develop a practice that sits astride painting and plastic arts.

I like to work with contrasts and layering until I achieve a balance of color and light. I like to mix techniques: painting, drawing, and collage. My collages use various materials, including fabric, jute, bark, spices, or leather. To create texture, I use different types of leathers and cardboards or paper inlaid with leaves or threads.

Each work is unique.


Nathalie le Hesran has been passionate about collage since 2012. Creation is the story of her life…

Her work has evolved over several periods. Her first paintings were figurative. Her second period focused on abstraction and exploring color. Today, she is in a period where her work is half realistic and half Pop art.

She has been showing her work since 2014 in art venues, galleries, libraries and in competition. She is part of an association of artists in Brittany and received a Coup de Coeur Award at the 1st International Competition of Contemporary Art in 2020. In 2021, her collage, Collage Acidulé, received the 1st Prize in Abstract Art at the Concours d’Art International, presented by Art Certificate. She lives in Rennes, France.


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Portrait of a Gentle Woman with Closed Eyes
35″x27.6″; recycled papers, newsprint, packaging paper, woven paper, tissue paper, magazine paper, brochure paper, drawing paper, pastels, felt; 2020
Collage Acidulé
29.5″x29.5″; recycled papers, tissue paper, woven paper, drawing paper, bright paper and yarn; 2021