Dilcia Giron

Time and Narrative
12″x12″; paper collage on wood panel; 2017

Dilcia Giron
San Francisco, California, USA


I work with a variety of art techniques, but I enjoy working with collages the best, because it allows my creativity to go wild. All my original collages are made by the traditional method of cutting and pasting images from fashion and editorial magazines. My intention is to explore new ways of reality, by providing a glimpse into the subconscious mind. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the “Summer of Love”, I’ve been working on a new series of paper collages call “Acid Love”. I want to evoke the psychedelic experience, times of spiritual awakenings, in which there was love and only love, without borders, inhibitions or conditions.


I was born and raised in El Salvador, in a place that was oversaturated with visual stimulation. My perspective of reality was constantly changing. Surprises and unexpected events were part of my everyday life. It is probably the reason I find it hard to limit myself to one particular art style, and prefer to express myself in many different ways. My artistic repertoire includes printmaking, photography, mixed media, collage, digital illustration, performance and collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media.

I create constantly, with whatever is available to me at the moment. From taking photos, to drawing, collaging or painting. I am constantly playing, exploring new patterns, new shapes, new techniques, new perspectives, etc. My main inspiration comes from observations of our daily life. I like to explore new patterns, shapes and forms and use whatever technique is available to create it.


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12″x12″; paper collage on wood panel; 2017

Cosmic Treasure Hunt
12″x12″; paper collage on wood panel; 2017

12″x12″; paper collage on wood panel; 2017