Mario Sostre

36″x12″; collage on canvas; 2018

Mario Sostre
New York, New York, USA


My name is Mario Sostre. I am an mixed-media collage artist. I use images that I have created or appropriated from different sources magazines, books, Internet, etc. I then combine these images with all sorts of mediums, acrylic, watercolour, pastels to form the final work.

These images are from my new “Totem” series on canvas.

“I am inspired by everyday life and experiences. I use the world around me to create.”


Mario Sostre was born in The Bronx, New York and raised in the Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood of Manhattan in New York City. He studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Manhattan Graphics Center, The Art Students League of New York and at Cooper Union.

Since 1986, Sostre has shown work extensively in both solo and group shows in New York City, Vienna, and Guyama, Puerto Rico.


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Bowie 2
36″x12″; collage on canvas; 2018

36″x12″; collage on canvas; 2017

Fried Egg
60″x20″; diptych: collage on canvas; 2004

King Eider
36″x12″; collage on canvas; 2017