Nat Girsberger

Not What I Expected
11″x7″; paper collage; 2017

Nat Girsberger
Brooklyn, New York, USA


My collages are a collaboration with my unconscious, in which I artistically adventure into the infinity of my psyche. Applying an instinctive, “automatic” process of selecting and arranging, my subconscious mind discovers new relationships by juxtaposing what does not usually go together. The infinite possibilities of the process suit my inner world, while liberating my experience from the boundaries of rationalism.

My traditional, analog approach as I hand-make collages, in conjunction with using vintage imagery, lets me understand myself as but a construct of my past experiences in a reality defined by a collective unconscious. Grasping how my current reality has come to exist then leads to its artistic defiance. I challenge its structures by setting my collages in the future, a realm that knows no barriers of what is possible, and therefore, frequently clashes with what we selectively perceive. The visual outcome is connected to the core of our truly surreal existence, yet achieves a more satisfying way of existing as a being of the present–a present in which I am quite capable of embracing my inner multiverse.

My collages are a conscious uprising of pure and playful intent, which speaks to a larger existence that embraces the expansive unconscious, and the full potential of our layers of being. My art inspires others to express their limitless imaginations, while unabashedly tapping into their mystical, ever-changing energy.


Nat Girsberger is a Swiss collage artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Through collage, she explores layers of being unexplored, where the subconscious mind finds new relationships by juxtaposing what does not usually go together.

Girsberger consistently shows work internationally and has been commissioned commercially across the US. Her most recent exhibits include her solo show at Ivy Brown Gallery in Chelsea called “Transient Terrain”, and shows at The Living Gallery Outpost, Carrie Able Gallery, and 301 Studio in New York City. Commercial work includes artwork for New York University, Guster, Damn Joan, Keurig. Her work has appeared in Whitehot Magazine, Artreveal, AM New York, and various other publications. Girsberger graduated in Interdisciplinary art from New York University.


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Tune In
9″x6″; paper collage; 2018

Road Trip
12″x6″; paper collage; 2017

Drop Down
7″x5.5″; paper collage; 2017

Beyond the Visible Spectrum
8″x6.5″; paper collage; 2018